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How to reach Rovinj

You can reach Rovinj from all parts of Europe with any type of transportation.

Road transport

No matters from which part of Europe you're arriving, Rovinj is well connected.

If You're coming from the north there are two options arriving to Rovinj:

  • Ljubljana - Koper - Kaštel or Plovanija (border crossings) - Rovinj
  • Villach - Udine - Trieste - Koper - Kaštel or Plovanija (border crossings) - Rovinj

Coming from the west:

  • Venezia - Trieste - Koper - Kaštel or Plovanija (border crossings) - Rovinj

Coming from the east:

  • Zagreb - Rijeka - Rovinj

For detailed information on routes and costs take a look on the following sites:


Google Maps

List of driving distances between major European cities and Rovinj:

  • Amsterdam 1400 km
  • Berlin 1200 km
  • Bratislava 630 km
  • Bruxelles 1350 km
  • Budapest 620 km
  • Frankfurt 880 km
  • Ljubljana 180 km
  • Koper 80 km
  • Milano 510 km
  • München 630 km
  • Paris 1300 km
  • Praha 820 km
  • Trieste 90 km
  • Wien 560 km
  • Zagreb 320 km
  • Zürich 850 km

Here's a detailed google map on avoiding Slovenian vignette and the Istrian Y highway.

By plane

Rovinj is served by Pula airport approximately 38km south, it's a 40 minutes drive and there are flights from London to Pula in season.

The biggest international airport near Rovinj is in Venice. It's a 3 hours drive from Rovinj but there is also a boat ferry in season that connects Venice to Rovinj.

There is also Zagreb international Airport and Split in Croatia. Another international airport 3 hours drive from Rovinj it's in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Here is a list of the closest airports to Rovinj:

By boat

Rovinj is well connected with ferries traveling the north adriatic. Here's a list of seasonal ferries departing harbors and travel duration:

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